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Let Me, Literally, Take You By The Hand And Force You To Build A Real Business On-Line!
If you've really struggled to make money online, then you are about to be thrown a life-line!
Richard Mortimer Richard Mortimer

:  rikmortcoach @ gmail . com    

I am going to 'coach' you on how to build a real business on-line.

Why? Simply because there is no other way! training course, today.

You will learn to build a proper, profitable business online, using my "List Is Money" video training to learn the 'list interaction' model.

Look, let me be frank: you've got to start with the right business model.

You can think of 3 main ones, online:

1. The standard affiliate model. All you need to do is drive traffic to an affiliate link! Simple, eh? Yes, plus you have no website to maintain (or hosting fees to pay, etc.) Good model?

Yes, but not the best! Why? Its very traffic hungry. Every affiliate link you promote needs it's own traffic! Traffic is a precious resource, and frankly, you are wasting it with this business model!

2. The list building affiliate model. The BIG difference, here, is, you only drive traffic to a free offer. You collect subscribers on an email list and promote affiliate offers to them. This makes much better use of your traffic. Good model?

Yes, better than (1), but still not the best! Why? You are not in control of the product offerings. You are building someone else's list. You are not getting all the profit, etc.

3. The list interaction model. Here, you go a step further. You 'interact' with your subscribers, find out what they want and need, and give them both! Basically, you create the exact products your subscribers are looking for. Good model?

The best! Why? You maximise your traffic and subscribers. There is no 'leakage' from your list. Its possible to get $20 per subscriber with this model (in the first 30 days). So, for example, say you were able to get 1,000 new subscribers every month (a very realistic figure), you would be making around $20,000 per month!

Now can you see how you can get to 7-figures? Its by using the right business model!

Let's face it: Its getting harder and harder to make even a few dollars on the Internet, never mind building a sustainable business.

Even the gurus are struggling. The margins are getting smaller. The profits less and less! The problem is: The Internet changes so fast. Few keep up, never mind getting started.

When was the last time you saw someone new making it to 'guru' status? Why is that?
Surely, that's proof that it is now harder to see the kind of results we all know are possible.

I wonder:

Do you feel like giving up?

Do you feel like you are just spinning your wheels all the time?

Do you wonder whether the business model you have chosen is the 'right' one?

Are you struggling to get traffic to your site?

Those are just a few of the major problems our clients have.

Do you also wonder who you can trust?

And, do you simply want someone to keep you 'on track,' teach you step-by-step, answer your questions, and give you a little help when needed? Yet, that seems to be so very hard to find!

Are you frustrated because you keep buying more and more products and yet you still haven't seen the success you crave?

Here's the thing:

I've found that most people are in the exact same position as you.

And, of course, so was I, once.

I struggled like you are doing right now.

I didn't know who to trust. When I got stuck, I felt like giving up.

So, I totally understand how you are feeling right now.

But, for me, that is all in the past.

Let me share all my experience with you, and make it really affordable.

I've produced this exclusive coaching program just for people like you. And, no-one has ever seen anything like this. Never. The truth is, I want you to get the results that my other clients are getting (without paying anything like what they did)! How does that sound?

I am going to teach you the complete 'list interaction' strategy in my 'List Is Money' video coaching course!

Let me ask you:

How would it feel to earn $50,000 from your Internet business, this year?

What difference would it make to your life? (Just pause a moment to reflect on that).

What are you prepared to put in, to get to that wonderful point? That position where money isn't an issue? (By the way: your coaching will not finish when you reach $50,000 profit - that is just the initial target).

Now, let's be honest: getting any business (even on the Internet) to that kind of level, is a BIG achievement. Its not easy. It never has been and it never will! It takes determination and persistence.

That's why this coaching is not for everyone. There are some people who simply aren't prepared to pay the price, however low that might be. But, if you really want to succeed, then I am sure you won't find a better program to 'make' that happen. 2016 really could be the beginning of the rest of your life!

My coaching has already been 'proven' to get 'results' over many years, and that is what you want, isn't it? RESULTS! Its all about YOU getting results, isn't it? (Now you can stop buying new shiny product after product)

List Is Money - complete training course

This series of videos was created by a great friend of mine, Jacob Stein. He launched it as his 'List Equals Money' coaching course. I (Richard) paid $1,000 to get on that original program.

I still refer to these videos (I bought the domain and videos from Jacob).

Why? Well, because they go 'step-by-step' building a list building machine from scratch.

When I took this training, I knew nothing about Internet marketing. I was a complete newbie....  but this got me going!

There is nothing complicated about our system. It is definitely 'Newbie' friendly.

In fact, you may be just a bit alarmed how 'simple' this all is. But, that is the beauty of the Blue-Print you will be following. It is the exact same one we use. Its the one that gets us results. It is the one that gets our clients the same, great results.

You only pay $97 today...

Add List Is Money To Cart

Basically, if you put in the work, you will get the results (provided, of course, you choose a profitable niche and can get traffic - which we will teach you). We will help you decide on a niche and we will train you on all the steps you need to take. (By the way, you will also learn 'why' we do things the way we do. That's really important to you gaining mastery).

There will be a huge number of Bonus trainings available to you (either free or to buy), in case you feel you are weak in an important area. For example, there is a module on how to 'Dominate' your niche. That is how we can really 'tailor' this program to you, personally.

After just one month of this program, you will feel so much more confident, and you will be able to do things you never imagined before. You will be able to see your future becoming clearer (and profitable, too)!

So, Richard, how does this work? What are the steps?

OK, you will be taught Jacob's own very, very successful business model.

You will be taught:

1) How to interact with your clients so they trust you and see you as the 'Go-To-Expert' in your niche

2) How to quickly get an opt-in page live, ready to collect subscribers

3) How to use your autoresponder as your very best employee

4) How to write great 'copy' and get a great opt-in rate for your website

5) How to promote products to your new subscribers to start earning, fast!

Remember, we have a BIG incentive to get you to $50,000! In effect, rather than you having to trust us, we are trusting you! (Its better that way around, isn't it)?

Here is the thing: we know that we can train and coach most people to $50,000, if they are teachable, willing to learn and put the right amount of effort in! We don't have a 'one-size-fits-all' approach. We don't have some piece of software that will launch you (with no effort on your part) into the profit stratosphere!

What we do have is a proven blue-print that is simple to follow and gets good results. Which is what you need, and is why you have read this far!

Look at it like this: You have a niche (or you will have one) where there are buyers. People want results in your niche. See the connection? There are people who are willing to pay to get results! Why not pay you?

We will teach you how to get your buyers results.

For example: If you produced a $1,000 product that sold (and it will if it gets them results), you only need to sell x 50 to get to our initial target! We have a huge incentive to get you there with the way we have set-up this program. We hope you can see, it really is - "Win-Win"

So, what does this cost? Well, as we said, right at the beginning: I paid $1,000 to get this training, plus I paid extra for the domain and the videos as a package I could offer to others....

But, I've just decided to cut that right down - only for you today! 

Basically, I am going to hack the price to pieces! If you get on board.

But, let's just put it into perspective, first:

If it was this program that got you your 'break-through,' and you really did have 'List Is Money.'

In other words, finally, you started see a growing list of people coming onto your autoresponder account, and buying from you, once, twice, more and more....  you would have a very valuable resource, wouldn't you?

Imagine getting 1,000 new people to sign-up to receive 'niche' information from you, every month!

Imagine if each one got you (the figure that is bandied around) $1 per month.

That means that your income would grow by $1,000 every single month.

That would mean that, after one year, your income would be $12,000pm....

How much is that worth?

This is not 'pie in the sky!'

1,000 new people every month is not 'pie in the sky!'

$1 per subsciber is not 'pie in the sky!'

So, after one year, having an income of $144,000 is not 'pie in the sky!'

That's exactly what you will be learning in this program.....

OK, someone might say, "that sounds too easy!"

I agree. But, I am not saying you will get that income.

I am not saying it's easy to get to that level.

But, what if you just focussed on this?

Action, focus, implement....

Just 3 steps: others have done it, why not you?

You only pay $97 today...

Add List Is Money To Cart

Testimonial for Richard Mortimer - Platinum Coaching from Tom Hering

lincher: What can I say... I am changing and I will create my online business this year. I am 17 years old but enough is enough... now is the best time.

And as for Sean who is involved in the coaching - believe me, he knows his stuff... he's been in Internet Marketing for years and is earning a full time and huge income from it. I've been following him for a while and he is one of the best people I know.

Well, I've just joined this program.

Good luck to everyone who don't want to give up.


Tenzho: I'm glad I stumbled upon this WSO thread today!

I have been chasing the "MAGIC BUTTON" for 2 years now and I've decided to stop this and start making real consistent money online! Richard and Sean is giving me the opportunity that I can never pass up on!

I'm IN!


tz6119: Was going to wait wait till I got back from work to get this.
The offer seems to good to pass up. I've been all over the place far to long now. Will purchase now before heading off to work.


Daprela: Hi Richard,

thank you for sending the email about this coaching program to your mailing list, while I was reading you sales letter I didn't believe to my eyes!
We've already talked by email just a few days ago and you know I'm struggling with my ecommerce websites.

Your coaching program is just what I need to go to the next level, thank you for this offer, you're going to change my life and $5000 is a small price to pay for this.


trevord92: Just a quick testimonial on this program so far.

I know it's early days (less than a week in) but I've applied just one idea from the introductory audios to a new WSO I created since starting this course.

And that's more than doubled the income I've seen from the WSO.

Which means I'm in profit on the whole course fee already. Not enough sales to pay Richard his $5,000 "success fee" yet but it's early days 

If you're sitting on the fence, stop it!

The first live coaching call is tonight (I won't be on it as I'm going out to a friend's birthday curry but I will be listening to the replay) so you can still get in on the ground floor.

And if you take action, you can easily get your whole tuition fee paid in a week or two 

Richard's support is excellent, so this will work even if you're a complete newbie to all this "make money online" thing.


JimMacDonald: I'd bore you to death while my violin gently weeps, if telling you my internet marketing pains of 2012.

Or you'll be a bobbling your head up and down as I spoke, seeing your own painful experiences in this internet marketing game of making money online frustrations.

Then at end we'd both get whipping open our window and jabbing our head out screaming; “Where's the %$#@ money?” *“I'm broke and not going to take it no more.”

Then silence.

We look at each other. *Nothing has changed. *We don't want to quit. *But sure don't want to be screwed over again and again either. *

With my last dollars in my Paypal account I found myself searching for a solution to my empty pockets – to start filling them up. *Hocus-pocus Mr. Rip of guru magic wasn't wanted. *Just real answers, direction plus good solid advice.

Richard's offer burst into my heart, even though his salesletter bugged the crap out of me and I didn't have clue who he was. *However I did recall my recent experience with Sean.*

Making fireworks going off in my head. *Man, I could mine a ton of *knowledge out of Sean's head, as I did from an interesting product of his recently. *This would be big time brain harvest and still be efen frugal to the money I thought.

Sure the price naturally fit my budget, so without any more thinking I made one of the biggest gambles of my life I clicked and purchased. As a flush raced through my body - *a royal winner feeling.

Well it's early yet as I am only about to start week 3 or twenty one bucks worth and loving it. *It's heavy duty teaching and sure is filling in many holes “how to do it”. *Sometimes I'm seeing how close I've been to the dollars flowing in, if I've only had know or been told.

Now I'm quickly expanding my thinking, making it happen. *I'm finding myself back on track. Like building a beautiful silky smooth spiders web without the gaping big money holes I've had before.

Have chatted with Richard, getting to know who he is. *And have no problem asking questions and getting direction back and not being trashed for asking.

Now going into 2013, forgetting about blindly spinning in every direction but now with focus, direction and a good coach. *A person I can ask a question and get a real honest reply, moving me up, up up. *As I work, work, work knowing it's getting me in the right direction.

Now it's up to you. *Get rolling up your sleeves, getting your brain zapping with knowledge doing what you love doing – right. *

Here, let me help you click the button, making it easy taking your own big Internet Marketing step in to 2013.*

Have fun - happy New Year.


TMJsall: Sent you a PM...BIG
THUMBS UP for customer service!!!!


Our Special 'List Is Money' Guarantee

If after 30 days, you want a refund, then I will give it to you. I realise that not everyone can be a success, so why should I keep a few dollars, when my successful clients will earn me thousands?

Is that reasonable? I think so. You really have nothing to lose.

You only pay $97 today...

Add List Is Money To Cart

So, please, don't delay. Make this program your focus and let me help you to fantastic success this year. 

What do you have to lose? You have 30 days to give it a run. Then, if its not what you expected, it will have cost you nothing!

However, I am sure, that when you take action with this simple, straightforward and successful program, you will start to see results. Make 2016 the start of your Internet success!

You can get me on RikMortCoach @ gmail . com

PS: Are you an advanced marketer who is finding your income reducing? We'll show you how to double your income in an instant! We are not kidding. When I teach you this ONE simple trick, you will kick yourself over ALL the money you've been leaving on the table.

Are you an advanced marketer who is finding email marketing harder and harder, and can't figure out how to get back to the heady 'Old' days? Then, you are going to love our 'relationship' building tips and tricks. How about $20 per subscriber in the first 21 days? That is what XXXX does and teaches!

I know really good marketers who are now out of IM, since things got so hard. (Jacob is actually one of them. Although he now uses his Internet marketing skills in another niche). But, like I said, its those who 'persist' and don't give up, that are really going to clean-up. Now is a great time to have an online business. All you need to have is ALL the elements together in one place. That's what this program gives you.


You only pay $97 today...

Add List Is Money To Cart

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